Building a team that believes

Building a team that believes

One of the things I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is that you simply can’t do everything yourself. I always told myself if I were to start up a new business, right from the get go I would assemble my ideal dream team. I would fill roles with talented people who are experts in their field. Sounds good and all, but where do I begin and how would I be able to fund my team? As a new start-up, we all know the reality of the unknown and having limited cashflow.

In trying to recruit talent to ShopNetTV, it first started with my colleague Kurstyn who already works alongside with me at eXmerce. I cannot say enough good things about Kurstyn and have been blessed to have her be apart of eXmerce, and now this new journey with ShopNetTV. I’m sure if you spoke to Kurstyn, she’d tell you I’m never short on business ideas. With ShopNetTV planted as an idea to help eXmerce members find new cash business, the next step was to find our hosts and videographers. Sometimes you think of how am I going to do this, but it’s all about taking action. I think of it as trying to always push the ball forward. With my excitement for ShopNetTV, I posted on my wall asking friends and family on Facebook if they knew of any professional hosts that they could introduce me to. After posting my request, I started to get responses from friends. With a few warm leads for host contacts, Kurstyn and I then decided that we would also post on Indeed to recruit hosts and videographers for ShopNetTV.

One of the first host’s to join ShopNetTV was Michelle Schurman, a former GlobalTV News Reporter. She had been introduced to us by Wendy Kelman, a realtor through my former BNI Knights group. Kurstyn and I were super excited in knowing Michelle wanted to meet with us. Perhaps the idea for ShopNetTV wasn’t too far fetched?

What I learned from this experience is that you have to first believe in yourself and your idea. You have to show your passion and share your vision with those that you want to bring on board as part of your team. Speak from the heart and others will feel your passion for your business. It’s all about taking action and doing. Don’t let negative thoughts distract you from your goal, and continue to push forward. That’s what we’re doing here at ShopNetTV!

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  1. Kurt Killen says:

    Hi Nelson, I feel the same way about my painting clients as you do about helping small businesses. Why live in a mess with damaged walls items such as walls, ceilings or outdated kitchens. Our Designer is awesome and takes your home or business to an understated sophistication. Like Nelson.

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