What was my inspiration for ShopNetTV?

The idea for ShopNetTV was a result of a few things. It started however with my passion for helping small local business owners, because after all I am one myself!

I’ve been working with small business owners in Calgary for the past 13 years through a company I founded called eXmerce, a local business trade exchange representing 400+ businesses. One of those small business owners is Gerald Miller with Future Now Carpets. He asked me to help create a short video clip for his business and after posting the video on Facebook, Gerald had close to 1000 views; the video had been shared many times over; he had a handful of leads with people commenting on the post, and someone even took the initiative to book his service which resulted in a closed sale. This was my AH-HA moment whereby I saw the power of video and social media in action. This led me to think more about how video was being used in social media and I also saw it as a unique way for local business owners to market their offerings.

I immediately then thought of The Shopping Channel and QVC as the closest rivals to my idea. My thinking was – if both The Shopping Channel and QVC had been successful through a television medium, why can’t this be done online whereby consumers are watching deals via their smartphone?

I had also started looking on YouTube for things people were selling, and started to realize many of the YouTube stars endorsed products and services, but there was no link back to a web platform to make the actual purchase of the product or service. At that point, I knew I wanted to create an online video shopping platform that combined the likes of The Shopping Channel or QVC with a host selling a product or service, and the fun factor of how videos were being created and filmed by popular Youtubers. I also felt I could fill a niche to serve small local businesses, as that was a space I knew very well. Deep down, there was a feeling of excitement and also the unknown, but I live by the motto – you never know unless you try!

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